What is Text-Groups?

Text-Groups is a great, new, text-based service that makes it easy for groups or teams to keep in touch.

What do I need to use Text-Groups?

All anyone needs to use Text-Groups is a mobile phone. Groups can be set up, people can join and leave, and everyone can be texted simultaneously, all using mobile phones.

How do I use Text-Groups?

Create your first group then invite people to join. Your group can be contacted with one quick text. You can buy text credits on this web site.

For example, say Tom creates a Text-Group to keep in touch with his football team. He calls the group "footy" and creates it by texting "new footy" to Text-Groups on 07781 486236. Everything on Text-Groups happens through this number.

Tom's friends join "footy" by simply texting "join footy" to the Text-Groups number 07781 486236. It's that easy!

To send his team a message about Friday's match, Tom texts "send footy Kick off is at 7.30 on Friday" to Text-Groups on 07781 486236. That's it! Everyone gets it.

Ready to try Text-Groups? Click here to learn how to create your first Text-Group.